Mount Pelee is a composite (also called a stratovolcano) volcano because it can erupt either lava flows or volcanic ash.They are often found at subduction zones.Stratovolcano's are formed when one plate goes under another.
Diagram of a composite volcano
Here is some vocab:
Composite volcanoes
, also called strato volcanoes, are formed by alternating layers of lava and rock fragments. They are cone shaped and when they explode there may be landslides and huge clouds of ash. Lava also flows out. This is the reason they are called composite.
Magma chamber, is a large underground chamber of lava if the magma can find a way to get to the surface there will be a volcanic eruption.
Crater,is a circular dent in the ground caused by a volcano.
Pyrloclastic flow, is a fast flowing current of hot gases and rock.