History of Mount Pelee

 Mount Pelee was formed 300,000 years ago.
Some events in the histrory of Mount Pelee are:
1. On April 23, 1902 Mount Pelee begins erupting there are no major eruptions.
2.On May 8, 1902 Mount Pelee has a masive explosion that kills over 30,000 people.
3.On  July 4, 1905 Mount Pelee finally stops erupting.
4. The last explosion was in 1932 it has stopped erupting since then.

Mount Pelee has been quite active over its life. It has been more active then many other volcanoes, recently it has not been that active. This volcano is a huge part of the island it is a major tourest destination. When Mount Pelee erupted in 1902 it erupted on the capital Saint-Pierre. Saint-Pierre is no longer the capital of Martinique because it expierienced too much damage.It was never rebuilt and the estimated population is 4,500. The area surounding Saint-Pierre is now mostly made up of pyrloclstic material due to the pyroclastic flows from the explosion. All of the villagers crops were damaged. the 1902 explosion marked the biggest volcanic disaster in the history of France or any of its colonies.The explosion is also known as the worst volcanic eruption of the 20th century. Mount Pelee is part of a chain of islands 850 kilometers in length. The chain is known as the Windward Islands. Mount Pelee is a huge part of the island there is the Mount Pelee Volcano Observatory and the Regional Volcano Center all hused to view Mount Pelee you can also hike up Mount Pelee. Ahuge part of the tourists come to see Mount Pelee.